Student Achievement

Student Achievement

Student achievement is measured by tracking and publishing retention and graduation rates for our students. 

Fall 2022 Cohort


The retention rate has been calculated using Fall 2022 to Fall 2023 enrollments with the following formula: (Fall 2022 Cohort Enrollment— Fall 2022 Cohort Post-semester Withdrawals)/Fall 2022 Cohort Enrollment.

Grad Rate
Fall 2018-Spring 2024


The graduation rate has been calculated using the following formula, given that each of Pillar’s programs are designed for completion within 1 (Certificate), 4 (MA), and 6 (MDiv) years for the period Fall 2018 to Spring 2024: (Fall 2018 to Spring 2024 Completers)/(Fall 2018 to Spring 2024 Unduplicated Enrollment—Spring 2024 Currently Enrolled Students).

Assessment of Student Learning

Each year, the Seminary faculty identify student learning outcomes that will receive focused attention. Faculty select and assess student artifacts as evidence of student learning and achievement. The results of this analysis are used to improve the Seminary's programs and student success.

2023-2024 2024-2025 2025-2026 2026-2027 2027-2028 2028-2029
Certificate SLO4 Program Review SLO1; SLO2 SLO3 SLO5 SLO6
Master of Arts SLO4 Program Review SLO1; SLO2 SLO3 SLO5 SLO6
Master of Divinity SLO4 Program Review SLO1; SLO2 SLO3 SLO5 SLO6

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