Basil Tech

Pillar is excited to support Basil Technologies in their work to leverage world class technology and design to help people read and understand the Bible. Basil Tech is a faith-based technology nonprofit headquartered in Silicon Valley and their mission is to serve the Kingdom through tech. They are working on a brand new product called Bible Dojo with Professor Scott Booth to help train people in a deep, fun, engaging way to read the Bible better. Bible Dojo will release the How To Read Narrative Dojo in the coming months so stay updated through Basil Tech’s website.

Compassion International Kenya

Pillar is privileged to partner with Compassion Kenya to help equip church leaders across the country to better serve their communities with the hope of Jesus. With over 450 churches, the need is great. Pillar is pioneering a training program for pastors, as well as welcoming some students to our degree programs.

Reach out to to learn more and how you, your church, or your business can partner with us to help advance this partnership!

$5,850 — tuition/fees for 1 student for 1 year
$2,925 — tuition/fees for 1 student for 1 semester
$1,250 — 1 pastor for 1 training program course

Full or partial sponsorships are appreciated.

The Polished Network

Polished exists to embolden women in their faith and work. Pillar and Polished are partnering together to bring Christian women in the workplace an opportunity to pursue a certificate degree in Contextual Leadership with Pillar Seminary. As an added benefit to its members, Polished will create a cohort with current students to support and encourage each other.

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