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Reimagining Seminary for Anyone, Anywhere

Revolutionary Model

Our flipped digital courses leave class time for hands-on active learning together, which is proven to enhance content mastery.

Unique Curriculum

Our unique Bible and Leadership curriculum is streamlined to equip our students for servant leadership in any and every context.

Approachable Culture

Our professors, students and alumni have created an inclusive community, focused on effective, joy filled ministry.
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The Need

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The church needs biblically literate people who are trained to serve with faithfulness and endurance. Pillar Seminary offers biblical and leadership training designed for current ministerial contexts - from lay ministry to formal pastoral roles. More than just “online seminary,” we flipped the classroom to maximize in-class impact.

We think advanced seminary training should be available to everyone, and we’re doing something about it.

What if anyone — not just a paid professional — could be equipped with world-class seminary training so that they could powerfully and effectively minister and lead where God has placed them? Imagine that church. And not just a church, but the Church worldwide. Transformed servant leaders would lead to a transformed Church.

Restore hope, recover goodwill, renew commitment and focus on what really matters most: following Jesus and inviting others to do the same.


The Revolution of Contextualized Training

Pillar Seminary is committed to generous ecumenism, joyful collaboration, deliberate simplicity, relentless innovation and creedal faith.

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The Flipped Classroom model swaps the traditional relationship between class time and at home work. Our seminarians learn at home via online coursework and lectures freeing professors to use class time for guided practice, contextualized discourse and  projects. This model enables professors to use class time for far more than delivering traditional lectures.

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The high-quality theological education can be financially accessible. For every admitted student we work with you to curate your network of support partners who encourage and pray for you.

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Our digital Bible and Leadership training program is designed to deepen students’ understanding of Scripture and increase their effectiveness in ministry, wherever they are, and whatever their contexts may be. We are focused on biblical training that transforms servant leaders to lead a transformed Church in restoring hope, recovering goodwill, renewing commitment and focusing on what really matters most: following Jesus and inviting others to do the same.




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Choose from a variety of graduate studies lead by experts, delivered through a cutting-edge flipped classroom methodology.

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