Mercifully Analytical & Theologically Fortified

Mercifully Analytical & Theologically Fortified


Where would I be without Pillar Seminary? Still in ministry, yes. Theologically woke and effective in ministry, yes. Diverse, mercifully analytical, & theologically fortified, without The Pillar Seminary, absolutely not. 

I have an Associate, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degree.The latter two are in theological studies. The pursuit of each achievement has left me swimming in the debt of post secondary education. I gained knowledge. However, the debt always seemed to out run the learning. In my experience, many institutions have mastered marketing but fail to make good on what is advertised. Those who have received the purpose of, and call to Kingdom building, seek institutions aligned with that same purpose and call. Many good academic organizations have learned how to elicit the eager ones. Having been drawn by what was advertised, I have sat in classes, went through programs, finished assignments, and completed programs knowing I had been cheated. What did I achieve? I have no real theological garrisons, no direction of purpose, no professors who had a vested interest in me fulfilling the eternal purpose of God. 

Until I came, by divine order, in contact with The Pillar Seminary. I had the opportunity on two different occasions, to sit in a class taught by Dr. Scott Booth and Dr. Eric Smith. Listen, after the sessions I was like, “Sign me up for The Pillar Jubilee!” Then I thought, where in the world was The Pillar when I was searching for a school to equip me to do the work of Christ? Lastly, I thought I would never be able to attend The Pillar because there is no way I could put my family in more debt. 

Dr Ebony Taylor

Dr. Taylor and Family

“... in order to speak the language of other communities I must be equipped. Pillar is an invaluable gift to me because it is equipping me to speak the language of racial reconciliation.”

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