Student Experience

Student Experience

Our flipped classroom model provides you with a learning experience unlike any other.

The vast majority of seminary programs utilize an educational model that does not maximize the student’s time, nor does it fully utilize the resources of their classmates and professors.

 Our flipped classroom model changes that.

Students access their class through their pillar seminary email account.

email screenshot

Students retain full access to all of their completed classes for the duration of their program.

This includes all materials and video lectures for ongoing learning, references and refreshers.

Accessing Your Classes

Once you login, you will see all of your class webpages.

There you will find all of your weekly assignments, video lectures, and access to class recordings. 

Classroom Time

Every seminary program involves things like reading and lectures. That’s a given. In the traditional model, however, much of the classroom time is spent listening to a professor talk. In the flipped classroom, lectures and readings are done outside of class so that classroom time can be spent actually processing and engaging with the material. This allows the student to fully utilize their fellow classmates, as well as the time and attention of their professor. Rather than just memorizing and regurgitating information, this also allows the student to really come to know and understand the material.

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