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Student Stories


Jacob and Rachel are both students in the Master of Divinity program at Pillar Seminary while serving as ministry workers in Marseille, France.

Jacob shared with us how Pillar helped them during a particularly difficult time, and how grateful they are to be recipients of scholarships thanks to Pillar’s partners.

Pillar was a lifeline...

“After only 2 years on the mission field, my wife and I were preparing for the possibility that we were about to join the statistics of missionaries who had been driven out of ministry by a host of factors. That didn’t happen, but our return to the field wasn’t without damage.

We were ready to jump back in, but we were still reeling from the spiritual abuse we had experienced over the previous 2 years. Pillar was a lifeline for us.

Pillar not only helped us ground our faith, but it gave us the tools to be able to thrive in our new context.

We will always feel indebted to the gracious donors who have, and continue to make, our education possible.”

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